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BAFPL is a family owned company established in 2015, we combine rich industry experience with strong values and latest technology. Our insight into various markets and focus on innovation ensures that we always have something new and exciting on offer. Malted flours are all about experimenting , BAFPL is delighted to act as customers R&D arm.

BAFPL is unicorn in the field of Malted Flours in India, we look forward to generate value for our bakery partners with use of our products.

Malted ingredients has always been secret ingredient of topmost bakers

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Malted ingredients

Our Specility


We are specialist millers with an increasingly diverse range of natural products from barley, malted grains, wheat and pulses. We produce nutritious flours for applications across food industry.

BAFPL mill is located in Alwar, Rajasthan. The surrounding area produces some of the highest quality grains in the country. We have been sourcing raw material from local growers, working closely with them to procure the best crop. Our flours are valued for enhancing shelf life, flavour, colour and nutritional content of the food products.

Products are manufactured using specialist milling systems that provide accurate particle sizing. This increases functionality and is particularly important for applications such as batters and coatings where controlled viscosity in the finished product is paramount.

Examples Include:

  • Toasted wheat flour.
  • Heat treated refined wheat flour.
  • Malted flours.
  • Non-Dripping flour for viscosity in gravy and coatings
  • Heat treated CAKE FLOUR

What We Do

Our Work Process


Malt is an enzyme preparation obtained from barley which has been softened by a series of steeping operations and germinated under controlled conditions.


Malt Extract

Malt can be further processed to produce liquid or dried sweeteners called Malt Extracts.


modern techniques

The company is constructed using the most modern techniques having fully atomised system of processing .


Team Work

our management teams combined experience and expertise in the food industry is evident from the growth made in short time.

Quality Assurance

Flour Quality

We control the malting process by analyzing samples of malt flour taken at the necessary times and stages. Using the results of this scientific analysis, coupled with judgment based on experience, we then modify the process to achieve the desired product.

Before, during, and after malting, advanced laboratory analysis guarantees adherence to the specifications of each customer.