Liquid & Powder Malt Extract

BAFPL Liquid & Powder Malt Extract

Liquid Malt Extract is an amber colored liquid having a characteristic malty flavor. The process of converting Barley Malt into Liquid Malt Extract starts with grinding of malt. It then undergoes mashing process and is filtered to separate the wort. The wort is concentrated to produce Liquid Malt Extract, a thick syrup which is generally concentrated to 80% solids.

Powder Malt Extract is manufactured by drying Liquid Malt Extract under vacuum. The vacuum allows evaporation to happen at a lower temperature, hence retaining the flavor. It is a pale colored powder with a characteristic malty flavor, having a moisture content of about 3 %. It can be stored at dry place at room temperature.

The advantages opting for dry version are:

  • Ease of use unlike its highly viscous liquid counterpart.
  • Longer shelf life
  • Lower cost of transportation due to higher % solids.