Cake Flour

Cake Flour

With the awareness towards natural ingredients the use of Chlorinated flour is being replaced by far healthier and 100% natural Heat treated wheat flour . Heat treated wheat flour brings similar characteristics to cake sponge as chlorinated flour. Apart from use as cake flour it could be used in cookie dough or bulking agent to baking enzymes, ice creams or other raw applications of flour.

The purpose of the heat treatment is to reduce the build-up of pathogens in the flour during its shelf-life. 

The process for heat treating flour, is a safer alternative to chlorination and irradiation. The ability of heat treated flour to absorb moisture is a valued component in food because it adds softness to flour, making it desirable to eat.


Barley Agro Foods research team established that heat treated flour has shown the potential for better digestibility of protein content than in raw flour. There is increased palatability as a result of the heating process. Flour is a rich source of vitamins, proteins, fiber and other complex carbohydrates that are necessary for the daily functioning of the body.


Heat treated flour works well with high ratio baked goods such as cakes, cookies and muffins..