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Diastatic Malt Flour

Diastatic Malt Flour

Diastaic Malt flour is not only an improver, but also a natural fermentation aid, suitable for “green label” goods and products with no added sugar.

When Diastatic Malt Flour is added to organically fermented dough – usually in a small percentage – the natural alpha-amylase and beta-amylase enzymes break down the starch mainly into maltose and glucose, i.e. simple sugars that ferment into the essential nourishment required by yeasts. Fermentation generates gases that cause the dough to rise. These gases, together with the slight caramelization of the simple sugars and amino acids , improve the color of the bread crust, the fragrance and taste of the bread, as well as the crumbliness of the crust. The proteases also soften the gluten network, making it more stretchy and digestible: the crumb stays soft and elastic with a uniform, well developed cellular structure. Products stay crumbly and fresh for longer.

BENEFITS OF Diastatic Malt Flour

  • Substitute to bacterial/fungal alpha-amylase.
  • Used in bread making as it breaks down starch,which induces rising and enhances yeast performance.
  • Gives product nice brown crust and shiny appearance.
  • Used to make pizza breads.
  • Enhances aroma, colour and flavour naturally.
  • Source of natural sugars,and nutrients.