Quality Assurance



We control the malting process by analyzing samples of process batches at regular intervals at the necessary times and stages. Using the results of this scientific analysis, coupled with judgment based on experience, we then modify the process to achieve the desired product.

Manufacturing of Bakery Flours

Equipped with a laboratory and a test bakery, thanks to our team of technicians and bakers, we constantly analyze the quality and consistency of wheat and barley malt before converting them into flours.

Helping you create the best finished goods

The quality control laboratory is an important part of the bakery flour milling industry.  The objectives of the quality control laboratory at a flour mill are to monitor uniformity throughout the mill run;  ensure uniformity between flour lots or shipments; ensure that the flour meets the customer’s specifications; and verify that the flour has desirable characteristics for a product.

Our team of technical advisors is at your service to help you further develop skills in bakery flours. They share their professional know-how and develop new recipes or product concepts to enable you to create some of the world’s best finished goods.

Our plant is equipped with the very latest technology and equipment, which can provide you inspiration, benchmark your products against competitors and organize tasting session to allow you to select the best ingredients.